I'm an experienced Programmer with a passion for visuals - a 'Creative Developer'

I'm one of those Flash developers whom weathered its great fall (and the very long run up to it) by adapting to survive. I moved on from over a decade's employment with a BAFTA winning children's digital media agency in 2018, to continue developing interactive products with 'native technologies' in a freelance capacity. I'm currently trading under a limited company registered in England and Wales: INDUCTIBLE LTD.

A long-standing Technical Director in my last placement, I'm a client-facing programmer with proven skills in (and deep understanding of) both technological and visual creative domains. An experienced, practical all-rounder in digital media product development, I have a particular leaning toward coding games, websites and mobile apps using web technologies (HTML5 and Javascript). I'm no stranger to the entire interactive development process, and have been involved from concepting, all the way through production, to post-release maintenance on countless digital projects over the last seventeen years.

Most recently I've worked with the following:

Building and maintaining games using Playcanvas (3D WebGL), Pixi, Phaser, Haxe, 2DKit and Cocos game engines, typically for large children's content broadcasters: the BBC, Sky, Turner, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

Re-engineering existing games to add localistion support, and redeploying these as hybrid apps (targeting Android and iOS) via Cordova

Converting HTML5 games to run on resource-limited TVs, in the context of a television 'set-top box'

Other Javascript developments (ES5, ES6 and Typescript), including bespoke build tooling using Node JS

Vanguard development (native Android/Java and HTML5/Javascript) of interactive content for a brand new hardware platform, leveraging a machine-learning based computer vision system (MediaPipe / TensorFlow Lite)

If you think I might be able to help out in servicing technical development requirements on a product, or else you need an experienced consultant for a creative 'web game', or other online product involving web-native technology and interactivity, please get in touch; I'd be happy to help out in any way I can.

Core Skills

JavaScript development and maintenance for games, apps and rich internet applications using ‘pure’ modular ES6 [via Babel and Webpack], TypeScript, and legacy ES5

WebGL and canvas rendering libraries: Pixi.js, CreateJS, Phaser, PlayCanvas and own-built JavaScript frameworks and tooling

‘Hybrid app’ development for iOS and Android using Cordova, or 'pure' native WebView development and extension

Technical direction - interpreting a loose proposal into a (feasible) and actionable product under development, through to delivery and long term support

Other Skills

Game development for iOS, Android and Amazon stores using Unity3D, Adobe Air (Haxe or native AS3), and Cocos2D. Associated tooling typically used day-by-day: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Spine, Texturepacker, PhysicsEditor, Audacity

3D and digital Art for illustrative presentation and design, and video game asset production using Blender, Photoshop, Affinity Designer and 3DCoat

Writing - I've written numerous technical documents alongside my products, to enable their continued usage and development in the long-term. I've written technical articles to assist in pitching and proposals for various agencies. At university I published and presented my final year project (about particle swarm optimisation) as a peer-reviewed academic paper.

Node.js, Grunt, NPM, express, for local tooling and bespoke back end service development

Python, Bash and Node scripting for utilities (such as automated VO scratch-track authoring) and build pipeline processing

Version control via Git and SVN

Full stack WordPress development. Responsive, mobile-first front end web development using HTML5. Python/Django and PHP for bespoke back end service development

Teaching and presentation - previously employed via an outdoor activities club teaching bush/campcraft skills to kids age 5-15. Historically I've also delivered sessions delivering STEM education to students aspiring to work in the games industry (via DV8 Sussex, and to a visiting Norwegian college). I also used to design and host constructive 'hack days' at my former company