Gloab Game Jam 2020 (developer, designer, game designer, technical lead)
HTML5 (Phaser 3)

I took on two challenges for the 2020 Global Game Jam: 1) Make a 'complete' game on my own in two days, and 2) learn what's new with Phaser 3... I ultimately came up with a novel take on the 'pairs' game mechanic - you need to serve customers their specific requests before their timer runs out - fail too many times and it's game over. Art was sourced from various open source locations, with my own design tweaks to the 'part' icons. The overall 'mood' and UI design is my own - it had to be simple!

I just about finished, but didn't quite manage to get complete 'game over' handling in... I did however learn an absolute TON, and had loads of fun with others in the 'GGJ' atmosphere. This is my third GGJ to date - you can see more about the game (and play it) here.


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