Operation Ouch: Invasion of the Snotulons - Fever Mode
Completed with Plug-in Media, 2019, for CBBC (game developer, technical lead)
HTML5 (Playcanvas)

Expanding on the original 'shooter' game delivery to CBBC, I was keen from the outset to take an 'arcade' approach maximising replay value. Everyone agreed, and this is the product! A new game mode that feels like a totally different experience to the original; so much fun, and generating a lot of competitive commenting amongst users! It adds new baddie types, including a terrifying 'boss' and flying bugs.

CBBC also wanted to use this product as a first to involve ALL of its users in a series of national challenges... The game submits data about how many Snotulons are blasted to a remote service;  the client uses this data to share a 'global' count, involving players in a nationwide meta game challenge to beat an incremental target!


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